We know how much you need free V-Bucks. You can get V-Bucks using our generator.

Fortnite is the best multiplayer game these days. With the PUBG competition approaching, Fortnight amazes you with amazing graphics, fun tricks, and of course V-Bucks.

For Fortnite official game currency, V-Bucks allows you to buy almost anything in the game. Whether you want Battle Pass, new skins for your weapons, or a new avatar, V-Bucks can do it all.

Unfortunately, Fortnite charges you a large amount of V-Bucks. Well, Fortnight Gift Card Generator allows you to get free V-Bucks using unique codes that allow you to play games.

What is the Fortnite Gift Card?

Fortnite Gift Card is a prepaid card. The card contains a certain number of V-Bucks codes.

You can purchase these gift cards from supermarkets, video game stores, or electronic retail stores around the world.

What is the Fortnite Gift Card Generator?

Fortnite Gift Card Generator is a server-based tool. You can generate unlimited gift card codes with this tool.

This device is devoid of wiping. You do not need to complete a single questionnaire or human approval to obtain these codes.

How does the Fortnite Gift Card Generator work?

The code developed with our generator is similar to the main website, so using Fortnite Gift Card Generator tool is safe and reliable.

Our developer team is always working against this background to ensure that this tool still works.

Free Fortnite Gift Card Codes List

List of free Fortnite gift card codes generated using our generator. You can generate more codes using the generator located above.

Sr. No.Free Fortnite Gift Card CodeValueStatus
1GTYVM-6N2Q-B44B$10Activate Now
22HRRQ-5J8L-V42W$15Already Used
3WNCCJ-3Z42-HX6Z$5Activate Now
4WHV3A-6423-LN2Y$20Activate Now
5YZU3V-DMWJ-ATCL$50Already Used
69JCEA-5D8N-5MFG$10Activate Now
7P7ST4-4SLC-S3M7$30Activate Now
8G9W3B-9CMW-E3CD$5Already Used
9URMQW-TV2P-JVEU$20Activate Now
107NAXY-XL2K-LBC4$100Already Used

How to Generate a Free Fortnight Gift Card Code Using our Generator?

Follow the steps below for free V-Bucks in Fortnite.

Step 1: Access the Fortnite Gift Card Generator.

Step 2: Select your device and country.

Step 3: Now click on “Create Now” button.

Step 4: The generator takes just a few seconds to complete your app to get codes that you can use to get free V-Bucks.

How to Use the Fortnite Gift Card Code?

Epic Games do not require you to purchase or scratch gift cards. To use the code, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: The site will ask you to complete the registration process before using the gift card code.

Step 3: Register a new Epic Games account and verify the email address that Epic Games will send you by following the URL in the confirmation email. If you already have a Fortnight account, you can sign in again by re-registering.

Note: Epic Games also allow you to sign in with existing console accounts on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo.

Step 4: Now that you have completed the registration process, enter the unique code in the box, and click Use.

Step 5: Once the Epic Games verification process is complete, the website will automatically send you to your account profile.

Step 6: And that’s it! Now you can enjoy the game. You’ll see the free V-Bucks in your account that you just use to buy something.


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