For those who are not familiar with Rixty, this is an alternative payment method that allows customers, both domestically and internationally, to purchase money and coins for hundreds of different games online, virtual worlds, and all kinds of digital content.

Most of the perks you buy are from dozens of sites like Roblox, Counter-Strike, RIFT and wallet.

Unfortunately, you will need to purchase Rixty prepaid cards that have the same credit value. To save the day, Rixty Code Generator offers you a free Rixty Code that you can retrieve online.

What is the Rixty Code?

Rixty code is no more than a prepaid card. You can use this card to raise your Rixty account balance.

It’s easy to buy cards from retailers online.

Many parents don’t want to share their credit card details with teenagers because they don’t know safety and rules at this age. Therefore, Rixty implemented this prepaid technology.

You can purchase games and other resources with this card.

What is Rixty Code Generator?

Rixty Code Generator is a web application that allows you to create a unique free Rexity code. You can generate unlimited Rixty code with this generator, but for now, we only allow one code generation at a time.

You do not need to worry about the time required for human investigation and verification. Follow some instructions to get a free Rixty code and click “Create Now”.

How does Rixty Code Generator work?

Our creator uses an algorithm that processes all the good and gift card codes that Rixty uses that we remove from the cloud.

Thus, our generator played a similar brand new Rixty Gift Card icon and it has some value.

Free Rixty Codes List

List of free Rixty codes generated using Rixty code generator. You can create more codes using the generator located above.

Sr. NoFree Rixty Card CodeValueStatus
1Xnhyu5shdk8bkj$50Already Used
2Xxsqncjmu1twj8$50Activate Now
3X14nden632hpb3$15Activate Now
4Xwqpehmqp15lrc$35Already Used
5Xlfhlusnbjp7wv$40Already Used
6Xbg21ntd9u7e27$45Activate Now
7Xlr428xvkl35gg$50Activate Now
8Xg4gp65pq8gt47$55Already Used
9X2qjfedrfat8fg$60Already Used
10Xj2psj4nak5gj9$65Activate Now

How to generate free Rixty code using the Rixty code generator?

To get free Rixty Cards that you can use to purchase other in-game coins, follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the Rixty Code Generator.

Step 2: Select your device and country.

Step 3: Now click on the Generate Now button to get a free Rixty Code with Roxy Code Generator.

Step 4: It may take some time for the generator to generate a unique prepaid Roxti code that can be used to get free Rixty Credit.

Step 5: Once the code has been generated, you can retrieve it from the Rixty website.

How to use Rixty code?

You can use Rusty as a payment method when you want to buy game currency from different websites. Follow the steps to use Roxy credits and coupons:

Step 1: Go to https://www.rixty.com/code/

Step 2: Once the recovery button is pressed, the site will display a popup window where you will need to log in.

Step 3: Register on the website and check your email via the link. However, if you already have a Rixty account, you can only log in with your existing username and password.

Step 4: Once the registration process is completed, you must enter the required code that you created on our website.

Step 5: Click the edit button again and wait for the website to confirm your voucher code.

Step 6: Now you need it! You can now buy other coins in the game with your Rixty Credit.


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